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A powerful plugin

Increase the speed of your site with Flash Cache.

Flash Cache is a powerful plugin which optimizes the websites speed thanks to processes and technologies that reduces the overload of the websites where it is installed, improving the velocity till 10x comparing with other cache plugins for WordPress.

The cached data provides better performance by obtaining loading times significantly faster as they are downloaded from contents served practically as static, instead of executing language and database queries on the server side.

Infinities configurations by patterns

Flash Cache allows infinities configurations thanks to the patterns, these can be done with different cache patterns according the kind of page that will be cached.

Improve performance and server overload

It avoid the PHP execution in foreground at time of serve the cache objects, improving significantly the performance and the overload of the server.

Crawl Budget optimization

The majority of the search engines assigns a quantity of means to go over the websites, with Flash a higher number of pages are indexes and is better positioned in the search engines.

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More important features

Compatible with the most important Servers

The Flash Cache plugin is tested with the most important servers that can run WordPress, such as Apache, nginx and LiteSpeed and supports PHP from version 5.6 to 8.2+

Not break the structure of your website

The majority of the cache plugins in WordPress break the website structure, and this brings problems at the time of move the websites to another hosting or domain. This problem doesn’t exist with Flash. You only need to deactivate the cache and the plugin you can change the hosting of the website and reinstalled the Flash Cache without problems.

Compatible with WPeMatico

Unlike many other WordPress cache plugins, Flash Caché is compatible with WPeMatico, working in conjunction with it to avoid errors with the creation of automatic duplicate posts.

Cache Location

Specifies the file system path where the cache objects for each page will be placed, this option can be changed to another custom path.

Cache HTTP and HTTPS

It allows to keep the cache in both protocols as in the HTTP and in HTTPS if it exists.

Clear cache per page

If you need to clear the cache of a single post or page you can do it quickly and safely from the editor or from the admin menu bar without deleting the rest of the cache objects.

Set the Lock Type you want

Allows to use Files to prevent two processes from creating cache of the same page at the same time or use DB to prevent two processes from creating cache of the same page at the same time.

Cache Process

You can decide which cache process to use, “OB (Output Buffer)” that allows to create the first cache of a page being faster and optimal, and use the cURL for its update or “Only with cURL requests” that only uses the cURL to obtain the content of the pages to cache, it’s usually slower but it is recommended when other plugins generate conflicts with OB.

Do not cache users with cookies

You can add users who have the name part of a Cookie to not show them cached objects, such as users who are logged into WP-ADMIN, you can also add other cookies to websites that use user roles in the theme system.

Controls the Cache TTL

You can set the default lifetime to be used throughout the website to specify the lifetime of cache objects.

Disk Usage Viewer

Allows to see the total size of the cache objects stored on your disk, allowing to have a better control.

Optimize Styles & Scripts

Optimize and combine all the Stylesheets and Scripts into one style file and one script file on your site, this allows your site to request fewer files and get better page load performance.

Synch content stored in the cache

It allows keep the content in the cache updating instantaneously when is modified, for example, when a new post is added, it creates a cache object of the post and it can refresh other pages automatically as the homepage.

Manages the cache in the web browser

In addition to optimizing the cache on the server, it manages the cache in the web browser improving the performance in client-side and server-side.

Keep a cache of all the site

It allows to make a preload of all the cache of the entire website, creating it on the background, to keep a cache of all the site optimized and configurable.

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Flash Cache PRO

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Flash Cache FREE?

By clicking on the “Get Flash Cache FREE now!” button, you will automatically be taken to the download of the best super accelerator for WordPress.

How do I install and configure Flash Cache?

In this FAQ you will find a tutorial on how to install and configure Flash Cache.

Is the support free?

Support is FREE for ALL users. You can open a support ticket at any time. This only covers some help with ticket responses. However, with Premium Support we will go in depth and do our best to solve problems for you.

How can I help develop new features?

By purchasing Flash Cache PRO, you help us continue to develop new features with better and more powerful functionality.

How does the Flash Cache work?

Yes, in our Etruel FAQS section for Flash Cache you will find tutorials on every feature of Flash Cache. Click here: https://etruel.com/faqs/flash-cache/

Can Flash Cache be used on non-WordPress sites?

No, Flash Cache was developed as a plugin for WordPress using all its technologies and innovations in security functions. Installed on its own to try to cache websites would not perform any function and possibly give some errors.

Still in doubt? Need some help?

Visit our FAQs for further information or create a ticket through our standard support system, it’s totally free.